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The international 02 Treffen 2013 will be held on:

14 & 15 September!

Put these dates on your calendar!


Test Track Thedinga
Veenakkers 25
7881 XA Emmer-Compascuum
The Netherlands


09:00 Opening Test Track Thedinga
10:00 Opening by Commitee
10:30 Track activities (Slalom)
12:30 Break until 13:00 h
13:00 Track activities (Agility)
15:00 Track activities (Sprint)
17:00 Officieal end of the day
17:30 - 18:00 Award Ceremony
18:30 Start BBQ

Tijden en programma zijn onder voorbehoud.

Tour starts in Emmen

Slalom & sprint competitie

The BMW 02 Club Netherlands organizes this year a slalom race and sprint competition with their prices.

Note: mandatory helmet and passengers under 16 years are not allowed.

This year we decided to enter 2 classes, the 'standard' class and the 'sport' class. For each class are two cups available.

Don't you own a car but are you allowed to drive someone else his car? Then you need to buy an additial 'schield' for your participation. A additional 'shield' is for sale at the registration desk for only  7.50.

What is also new this year is the timing. This is done by a camera so a photo finish possible and in both sprint cars get a time and not just the fastest. In addition, the numbers 1,2 and 3 get a picture to take home. By applying this system, we hope therefore more participants to get on the track.


Parts for sale or are you looking for a new headlight? Also this year there are stalls available which will be filled with the parts that you are looking for. Richly If you want to avail yourself of a stall, you have to book through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. this in advance. The stall rent for BMW 02 Club Members is free, non-members have to pay €20,-.


Outside the slalom and sprint we had the skill contest last year, especially for the people who want to drive their car but not on the track. This was quite a success and this year will also be discussed again. There is a small trail off what you can do to see how well you know your own car. Various tests. It is absolutely not the speed but the skill.

You will be amazed at the results. Here, too, are available 3 cups.

Award ceremony, BBQ and afterparty

If the circuit is done there will be a awards ceremony on the circuit itself! Then there is a cozy and very nice barbecue for the people who have given up before. And an extra drink of the club. We can stay there until 23:00.

Concours d ‘Élégance

This year prices are again distributed at the Concourse d 'Elegance. In total there are two categories, Sport and Original. If you take the best car there is a big chance that you win a great prize! Sign up for Concourse d 'Elegance is the registration form. Also this section we slightly adjust the cars not to put only one row but they are each one brought forward and the owner can tell you about at the audience.

For each category there are three cups and a public cup.

Activities for young and old

This year there is a real competition off the track. Our member Paul Peek has a very nice Slot racing track.
On this track we have an competition at certain times at the day, the competition entered under appropriate supervision. Here we also have cups available.

Also this year there will be a bouncy castle and other games to play.

Catering & Tent

This year there is more choice for the inner man. There is a caterer with various snacks and drinks. There will be a tent where you can sit if it is warm but also when it rains and you can eat there.

Break act

bmwklein-driftDuring the break, there is a drift demonstration by a team that gives drift courses on this circuit. If you want to join such a demonstration could be for a number of rounds for an amount to be announced. Price and rounds depend on number of participants. Costs up to € 10 for 5 rounds but if there are many applications, fewer laps driven so different price.


The cost of this event are shown below. You can pay in advance at a discount for admission or on the day at the gate. Each paying visitor receives 1 drink voucher for coffee, tea or soda.

Driver incl. car
At the gate € 15,- € 15,-
Passenger > 12
At the gate € 5,- € 5,-
From 12 year € 17,50 € 17,50
Drift course Sunday
Half day € 75,- € 75,-
All day € 150,- € 150,-

Drift course all day or half day in concert. For more information please visit